Search engine marketing

SEM is the process of gaining traffic and visibility from search engies through both paid and unpaid efforts.

Search enigine marking includes two categories,

  1. SEO: Earning traffic through unpaid or free listing
  2. Bugying traffic trhough paid search listing on the search engine result pages.

It is import to note that ouver a time, search engine marketing was used as an umbrella term to encompass both SEO and paid search activites.

Today, majory SEM is for paid search actives to appear in search engine result pages. Today, Google Adwords is one of the most popultor search marketing platforms followed by Bing Ads, Yahoo search ads and now in Tier 2 are the social media platforms facebook and twitter being on top.

We here at African Art Innovations Ltd will implement the lastste tactics to have your brand appear in the most relavant platforms on the different paid search platforms.

We will get your websites, app, production and personal brand out there and archinve the most relevant results.

Some of the methous we use are,

  1. Keyword research and analysis
  2. Website saturation and popularity
  3. Search engine penalties
  4. Website mobile friendliness
  5. Site / Domain report history
  6. Link building


Search Engine Marketing

There is a unique difference between SEO and SEM. SEM is basically a form of digital marketing involving promotion of websites and blogs aimed at increasing there visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) and this is through paid adverting. Though SEM may incorporate SEO which helps in optimizing of digital content to achieve higher digital signals and rankings, SEM may be also implemented without it. With SEM, we focus on pay per click adds with our partners ie, Google Ads, Bing Ads and Yahoo Ads to achieve and reach the targeted audience. All our SEM campaigns are tracked and monitored to ensure quality and quantity of clicks vs expenditure. We then further share on a regular basis search analytics and web analytics with our clients as a way to keep transparent but also to let them now know of what’s happening back doors. Feel free to contact us for a custom quote. We listen to individual client needs and this enables us create and execute campaigns targeted to meet them.

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what our clients <say/>

"Thank you African Art innovations Ltd, we now have our website running. More than all, I liked the way you handled the work in time. It’s the professionalism that I hail you about. I am definitely going to recommend other people to you Thanks! God bless you "
Shawn Jammie Zindoga
Director - Grace Project International
"For the past two years, URA has been working with African Art on numerous different kinds of projects. For the last marketing camping, the response rate was double and they offer high quality services. Will continue working with them in future "
Cleopatra Tusiime Silver
Cleopatra Tusiime Silver
Team Lead ERP Change and Communications - Uganda Revenue Authority
"We are glad to have our website fully operational after long meetings of decision making to what will work best. Thank you AAI team. We surely need more of your services. "
Caroline Tusingwire
Consultant - Troth Associates
"I just want to put out a point of thanks to this creative team. They have helped us attain the best standards as far as branding and brand awareness is concerned. Our online visibility has improved from day one and we can't be any more happy. My team and yours have always been great at working together. We'll keep on your services on our list. "
Daniel Barasa Nakuda
Managing Director - Danixon Consult
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